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The Chamber's Board of Directors approved a comprehensive 3-year strategic plan in September 2014. The plan provides a roadmap for the Chamber's ultimate goal of advocating for the best interests of the business community and shows the Knoxville Chamber's commitment to making Knoxville "America's Best Business Address."

Engage Influence Strive


Objective: To engage the business community

Strategy: Enhance awareness of business resources offered by the Chamber as well as by others in our region
The Knoxville Chamber will develop a collaborative approach to communication by utilizing existing media such as the Commerce newsletter and the Weekly eDigest as well as social media outlets. We will expand the Chamber’s reach by re-engaging existing partnerships and pursuing new partnerships when relevant.

Strategy: Provide relevant resources that add value to the business community
We will deliver significant events, tiered benefits, research information, and other programs that benefit businesses. We will work toward a customized approach that makes quality resources available and attainable for the appropriate businesses. The Chamber will work with our regional partners to enhance the resources available within the area.

Strategy: Ask business community about their needs and adapt accordingly
The Chamber will identify the needs of the business community by creating both formal and informal processes to assess needs. We will work to convert the provided feedback into action and create an agile approach to the creation and evaluation of our programs.

Strategy: Create a back and forth dialog between business and Chamber
We will build a foundation for open conversation between businesses and the Knoxville Chamber by encouraging businesses to participate in roundtables, forums, and/or committees.

Objective: To influence the business climate

Strategy: Lead Innovation Valley, the region’s economic development initiative
The Knoxville Chamber will work with Innovation Valley partners to create jobs, increase wages, and generate capital investment. Innovation Valley will implement aggressive business recruitment and retention efforts, increase focus on talent retention and development, make entrepreneurship and innovation a priority, and promote sustainability[1] within the region.

Strategy: Build relationships between business community and elected officials as well as between staff and elected officials
We will enhance involvement and understanding between businesses and elected officials through events, workshops, stakeholder updates, and outreach efforts. We will be a trusted resource and advisor to elected officials regarding business-related topics whenever appropriate.

Strategy: Be visible to various groups and knowledgeable so that their questions are answered
The Chamber will participate in existing organizations through speaking engagements to share information. We will also encourage staff to create individual connections through their involvement with various groups within the community. We will build credibility by providing important information to assist these groups in taking action or making decisions.

Strategy: Encourage workforce readiness by supporting education reform and higher standards
The Chamber will continue to build relationships with educators, the school board, and local school administration staff in order to inform them of skills needed by employers.

Strategy: Promote sound public policy
We will adhere to the Chamber’s mission by selecting business-related issues to endorse. We will accurately represent the interests of the business community by properly identifying and assessing these issues with the assistance of our government relations committee, executive committee, and board of directors.

Objective: To strive for distinction

Strategy: Create environment that nurtures staff development and teamwork
The Knoxville Chamber will foster teamwork by creating Chamber-wide awareness of our organizational goals and activities. We will maximize staff potential by providing professional development opportunities, creating avenues for input on organization processes and direction, and focusing on collaboration. We will continue to develop a staff of volunteers who work beyond the scope of their job title to ensure each individual is supporting the organization’s goals.

Strategy: Celebrate our accomplishments
We will utilize existing media outlets to increase awareness of the Chamber’s activities and successes. We will recognize staff for exceptional results whenever possible.

Strategy: Be a national leader by ACCE, IEDC, and US Chamber standards
We will focus on the foundation of the organization by challenging ourselves to exceed industry standards. We will identify successful programs through our staff’s participation in industry-specific opportunities as well as through existing relationships. The Chamber will implement relevant recommended programs.

Strategy: Embrace change and innovation
The Chamber will focus on having the right technology in place to exceed expectations. We will empower staff to make improvements through our culture of adapting to change and flexibility. We will also drive change and innovation in the business community by focusing on new and upcoming trends and communicating relevant topics to businesses.

[1] Strategic Priorities from Innovation Valley 2.0 Blueprint


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